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Car lift

Hydraulic Car Lift

Ramp-Free Convenience

There are situations in which, due to the reduced size of the space, it is not possible to place an access ramp to a place intended for vehicle parking.

In the commercial sector this can happen both in dealerships and in parking lots, company garages, exhibitions or any other place where vehicles need to be transported vertically. The answer to this situation is car elevators: devices designed as a vertical solution for transporting vehicles between different levels.

These lifts are designed for vehicle mobility with or without a driver.

High load (up to 10,000 kg), and power. Low heights and large platform dimensions (6m x 3.5m). They are normally hydraulic with one column up to 1,000 kg and 2 or more when the load reaches 5,000 to 10,000 kg.

There are no doors on the platform; large automatic doors with photoelectric cells or barriers on the lintels are installed on the landings. The speed does not exceed 0.30m/s. If complementary security measures are installed, they can be used by drivers of vehicles who remain inside them and by authorized and warned personnel.

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