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Panoramic Elevators

Panoramic Elevators

Custom finish

instalacion de ascensores panoramicos

Designed to increase the beauty and spectacularity of buildings, Ascensores Victoria’s panoramic elevators are manufactured in collaboration with the client, providing advice in all phases of the project.

The range of cabin finishes is as wide as the project requires:

  • Glazed cloths.
  • Floors of any material.
  • Decoration of blind areas of the elevator.
  • Elevators with upper and lower domes in custom finishes.

At Ascensores Victoria, the range of elevator door finishes is also very wide:

  • In stainless steel, satin, mirror effect, brass or leather effect.
  • Glass doors with large peephole.
  • Completely glazed without frames, 100% panoramic effect.

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